Because the status quo is super-awesome

The Associated Press (jeez I hope they don’t sue me) is reporting that a Kentucky judge is blocking the release of statements a road builder made to investigators in an anti-trust case.

Franklin County Circuit Judge Thomas D. Wingate cited the privacy interests of the road builder, Leonard Lawson of Lexington, in his ruling. Wingate said if the statements were made public, Lawson could face irreparable harm.

Not releasing them would preserve the status quo, Wingate said in a 16-page ruling.

The road builder, Leonard Lawson of Lexington, and a couple others are under indictment for allegedly “conspiring to steer $130 million in state road construction contracts to his companies,” and Lawson asked to bar the release of his statements because he was afraid he wouldn’t get a fair trial.

I would think that just asking for that protection would look pretty bad too. When an agency doesn’t turn over records, or someone asks that records not be released, it’s hard not to ask “What are they hiding?”

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