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I want to give some props to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and its executive editor, Marty Kaiser.

Marty was just named Editor & Publisher’s Editor of the Year for 2009.

The Journal Sentinel isn’t immune to what’s going on elsewhere, and has been through a couple rounds of buyouts lately. I hope they hang in there; I had an amazing time working there this past summer as a computer-assisted reporting intern. Also, I gotta mention how great the new CMS looks.

From the E&P article:

Kaiser is leading the newspaper through the rough waters menacing
all big city dailies by emphasizing … journalism, of all things. “Times like these force you to say, ‘What’s special, what are the stories that matter,’ where can you have impact,” he says. When Kaiser gathers the newsroom together for a talk, which he does fairly regularly, he talks journalism.

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