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True Crime: Part 2

This time around The Commercial Appeal tackles violent crime on the neighborhood level. Kristina Goetz examines the Clementine neighborhood, which I identified as having the most violent crimes July 2000-May 2009, and 39 other neighborhoods…

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The FBI sure is keeping us safe

This would be hilarious if it wasn’t so stupid:¬†Wired reports that Web geek¬†Aaron Swartz runs a PERL script to scrape all of the federal court documents off of PACER’s normally pay-as-you-go system and incurs an…

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True Crime: Part 1

Part 1 of the Commercial Appeal’s True Crime series has been published at last. A lot of work went into the project and the result is many different components. You can head directly to the…

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Gun Carry Permits v. Public Records

The Commercial Appeal just won an APME First Amendment Citation for its searchable database of handgun carry permit holders who live in Tennessee and stories about the felons with guns and other folks with violent…